Jan 27 , 2012


Another good article from Cliff Kuang, about Assaf Wand’s process in creating ergonomic self-care brand Sabi (essentially OXO for Rx):

You can’t create a brand with just one product. You become too hit dependent, and you can’t really serve the needs of an entire audience. Behar agreed. “If you’re going to start a brand, depth is key,” says Behar. “If you’re going to talk to a user about their everyday lives, you better consider every facet.” So Wand and Fuseproject set about figuring out what categories would allow them to create the most products at the most reasonable cost. And from there, they settled on products that would solve the everyday pain of taking pills.

Interesting tactic. I wonder if one of the things people miss in the rush to Apple-ify their product lines by simplifying, is that the reason computers could be so drastically simplified is that their variety was in the software.

In the physical, the equivalent of software is the different elements of the product range, so simplifying doesn’t necessarily mean reducing the number of products. It just means reducing to only fill the most essential niches.

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