Jan 16 , 2012

The Written World needs your help! (3 days left)

Hey folks, just wanted to let you know about very worthwhile Kickstarter, an online multiplayer storytelling game called the Written World. They’ve got just 3 days left and need your help! Here’s the link.

It’s a simple concept, delivered through the browser:

it’s a game of Narrator versus Hero. The narrator controls the story; crafting a plot and presenting the Hero with encounters, and challenges. The Hero creates a character that she believes can make it through to the end.
And when the story’s over it lives inside the Written World, for other people to read, re-use or play themselves.

What really excites me about this concept is that it’s in that messy space between straight-up fiction writing (hard, lonely), and role playing (rules!). As an obsessive improviser, I know how much practice it can take to get a freeform story going between two people, which the Written World hopefully adresses by injecting a lightweight set of game mechanics.

I’ve known the team behind it a very long time and they’re incredibly passionate and knowledgeable about games and storytelling, and they’ve been featured in The Atlantic and Huffington Post.

Oh, and give them ten grand and you’ll be able to name their firstborn anything you like (I’m keen on Blancmange, myself).

Anyhow, why not give them your dollars?

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